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The following Workforce Strategies Research Group (WSRG) Reports are accessible by clicking on the report links below.

Report 1 - Analyzing the Labour Market Information of Prince Edward Island. WSRG (2010)
Like the 2009 publication of the landmark national report of the Advisory Panel on Labour Market
Information (LMI) ‐ the Drummond Report, we ask whether methods of collecting and reporting labour market information used presently and in the past for Prince Edward Island (PEI) are adequate to support the developing workforce strategies for the future.
The report concludes that there are gaps in the LMI information that is available for Prince Edward Island. The report makes recommendations on eight initial areas for further research to help work towards the development of a process of synthesis to begin to turn information into purposeful, targeted knowledge.

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Report 2 - The State of the Prince Edward Island Labour Force - Selected Indicators. WSRG (2010)
Through the use of statistics obtained predominately from Statistics Canada, the Workforce Strategies Research Group prepared this report for the purposes of: 1) Reviewing what information was currently available and determine its potential usefulness for future WSRG work; and 2) Using the Island Prosperity Plan as a basis to examine the usefulness of key statistical indicators of the identified key priority areas.
The report identifies 12 key findings, and then makes five recommendations of projects that could assist in making greater sense of the impact on and changes required as PEI considers its labour force and the resulting impact on the local economy as further shifts occur from the jobs in the “Primary” and “Traditional” industry sector into the jobs of the future into what has been termed, the “New Economy.”

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Report 3 - Prince Edward Island Job Quality Index. WSRG (2010)
The PEI Job Quality Index (JQI) report used a designed model to compare a selected list of jobs as found on PEI against the Atlantic Canadian Region. The report used key metrics obtained from the Labour Force Survey and Labour Market Information such as average hourly wage, average monthly tenure, and average weekly hours worked.
The report highlighted differences between PEI jobs and Atlantic Canadian jobs and identified some challenges for the future.

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Report 4 - Youth Pathways to Literacy, Education, & Employment on Prince Edward Island. Tilleczek & Campbell (2011)
Understanding the barriers and facilitators of successful transitions for young people is important to the development of programs and policies. This research project undertakes an examination of a wide range of programs for pathways through secondary school, post-secondary school, training, and work for young people on PEI.

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Report 5 - Interim Report - Creating a Canadianized Economic Dashboard. Carroll, Domike & Wilson (2010)
The UPEI Workforce Strategies Research Group provides the results in this report from Canadianizing an economic dashboard model using the North Eastern Ohio's framework. In this report, we review how Prince Edward Island's two population centres compare against 5,100 other Canadian population centres with regard to eight principle components of workforce performance and thirty four workforce inputs. This report utilizes descriptive statistics to describe the relationships within the input components; between the principle components and outcomes; within the outcome metrics; and to determine the correlation of the principle components.

Report not available at this time.